The Global Coalition for Animal Welfare (GCAW) is a global platform uniting major companies and animal welfare experts in advancing animal welfare standards throughout the global food supply chain. Consisting of thirteen member companies, GCAW represents some of the largest names in global food production and food service: Aramark, Compass Group, Elior Group, Hilton Food Group, IKEA Food Services, Maple Leaf Foods, Nestlé, Sodexo, Tesco, The Cheesecake Factory, The Kroger Co., Tyson Foods and Unilever. With combined revenues of over USD 400 billion (EUR 340 billion) these companies have joined the Coalition to collectively address systemic barriers to improving animal welfare, accelerate the development of standards and drive progress on key welfare issues. GCAW is currently focussed on three species-specific priority work streams addressing the welfare of laying hens, broiler chickens and pigs.


An animal protein value chain that ensures animal welfare globally, to the benefit of humans and farm animals everywhere.


Develop and implement an action plan on priority animal welfare issues in global food production and increase the availability of food products from animals reared in systems that promote good welfare.


Applicable to all livestock food products. The main types of animal protein are poultry (e.g. broiler chicken, turkey, geese, duck), beef, pork, veal, rabbit, fish, egg and dairy products.

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