GCAW Recommendation on the Use of Welfare Outcome Measures for Broiler Chickens

GCAW’s recommendations for using welfare outcome measures alongside input-based measures for supporting improvements in broiler chicken welfare.

Consultation on Cage-Free Egg Procurement Report

A report on the GCAW consultation on the use of mass balance and book-and-claim supply chains for cage-free eggs.

GCAW Approach to Animal Welfare

Prioritizing welfare issues and developing roadmaps for industry change while supporting producers in implementing strong animal welfare practices.

Notes of GCAW Broiler Supplier Workshop

Advancing animal welfare knowledge globally through industry insights, bespoke research and partnerships for action.


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The Global Coalition for Animal Welfare (GCAW) is a targeted, action-oriented, multi-stakeholder platform for the advancement of farm animal welfare globally.

Transitioning to cage-free egg in production of China

Many global food businesses and retailers intend to phase out caged eggs from their global supply chains by 2025.